• Basinboi x over 5 years ago

    As a student I find it concerning and dissapointing that my school district, the Highline School District, thinks of my education, and my future as a "Game"... We as a student population are not some experiment, we are infact people, we are infact living in the real world right now. We are infact not a game, if you want to make a difference in OUR community/district be more involved in the community. People who work at ERAC, well that is what they do is work at ERAC, if this system, that has been pushed and shoved on us for so many decades does not make an effort on their end to be more community based then the issues and problems are going to do nothing but further progress and evolve into even more issues and problems. The district needs to work on their communication to schools, families, and Students. Not just a couple times a year having a "presence" at some confrence but a contiuous line of communication and invoment.  

    With Hope,

    from a Two-Spirit, Cherokee, Blackfoot, activist, Sudent in the Highline District