There are a lot of very good ideas here that address the variety of issues that today's schools face on a daily basis. But the core of all of these problems is money. What schools need is a viable way for them to rally the community around them to fulfill the unique needs of their children.

With the support of community organizations such as the Community Schools Collaboration and the White Center Community Development Association, we have developed a local search platform that allows you to help local schools fund their needs by booking appointments with local service providers. This is program that allows schools to take an issue to the community and empowers that community to effect real change. What could a community accomplish when it comes together over a shared goal?


There is nothing so wasteful of time as a "Student-Led" Parent/Teacher Conference. Especially in the elementary grades where report card grades are assigned without any data to support them. As a parent, I am not interested in having my child go through a rehearsed "show and tell" of the menial bits of projects they have been doing after just a couple of months back at school. I want the teachers feedback- the good, the bad and the UGLY. In fact, I expect and look forward to the "ugly." How else am I supposed to know what I need to be working on with my kid at home?

Without real and meaninful conversations with their children's educators, parents have been completely left in the dark about how they can better support their child's education. Contrary to popular opinion, MANY parents are capable of supporting the learning that is taking place in schools. Not only are they capable of doing this, many WANT to do this. The few, "bad apple parents" who abuse the system by expecting our teachers to be the SOLE provider of our children's education should not force the rest of us in to these silly conferences that end up being more of a cheerleading session than anything. 

What a waste of time to have a higher level class be the same as it's prerequisite the semester before! How boring!

One special education teacher in the Highline School District considered all young people in special education as hopeless! In her opinion there is no sense teaching them because they can't learn. How wrong she is!!

 I would like to see more time spent in the classroom focused on teaching and learning.

Teaching in ways that support the different learning styles as much as possible would be very helpful.

Students should be given the opportunity to understand new tasks and ask pertinent questions before homework is assigned and class has been dismissed.

Young people need time to learn what is important, they are not computers that spit out data that is entered!

I don't know the cost of the edline system and probably don't want to know. It was undoubtedly a sizable investment and there are teachers and schools that do not make full use of it. As it stands, it is a prop that the district can point to and claim that parents are aware and informed of their child's progress.

Unfortunately, some teachers don't use edline at all or only update it once or twice a quarter. If it isn't going to be used universally and regularly then save money and dump the system.

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Basinboi x over 5 years ago

As a student I find it concerning and dissapointing that my school district, the Highline School District, thinks of my education, and my future as a "Game"... We as a student population are not some experiment, we are infact people, we are infact living in the real world right now. We are infact not a game, if you want to make a difference in OUR community/district be more involved in the community. People who work at ERAC, well that is what they do is work at ERAC, if this system, that has been pushed and shoved on us for so many decades does not make an effort on their end to be more community based then the issues and problems are going to do nothing but further progress and evolve into even more issues and problems. The district needs to work on their communication to schools, families, and Students. Not just a couple times a year having a "presence" at some confrence but a contiuous line of communication and invoment.  

With Hope,

from a Two-Spirit, Cherokee, Blackfoot, activist, Sudent in the Highline District 

It seems that the current Special Education program is very rigid.  It is not flexible at all and it is my impression this is mandated by the school district.  I would like to be able to collaborate with the special education team to have my students receive support that is connected to what we do in the classroom.  The current lack of continuity is very frustrating and a change would be a "game changer!"

I promise not to post any more ideas (at least not tonight...)

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I think the ESL programs are wonderful, but it is a disservice to children who only speak English not to also teach them a second language begining at the elementary level (Spanish being the obvious choice). These children will be at a disadvantage once they graduate as they have not started learning a second language at an early age. As our country becomes increasingly bilingual they will lose out on job opportunities as a result of not being bilingual. I believe this is an equity issue that needs to be addressed.

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Wa Sykes over 5 years ago

Teach critical thinking skills from elementary school up.  This is a radical, game changing skill, essential to all members of a properly functioning civil society.  This skill is difficult to quantitatively assess, thus it is not a “no child left behind” core feature.  In the USA, teaching methods for the skill sets needed to communicate, analyze data, and accept authority in the public school systems have been well developed and heavily promoted.  Teaching mechanical and technological skills are important, never the less, I believe that critical thinking is one concept that should never be neglected after we have assured our students first: a safe learning environment, proper nutrition, and an abundance of love. Regardless of our varied chosen life paths; plumber, physician, parent …, we need every member of society to be able to listen to discussions, ask enlightening questions, and formulate rational personal responses. 

Nicole Popescu, Like Rosie the Riveter, We Can Do It! over 5 years ago

Band parents together to hold HPS system accountable for protecting our children.

These are the following needs that need to be addressed:

1. The drinking water looks dirty and tastes bad and it's safeness is questionable.

2. Healthier meals in place of the more expensive unhealthy food that is offered.

3. Working heaters. Imagine being in a room with a heater that doesn't turn off and no windows to open!

4. Windows that open and close help control temperature and allow fresh air in the classrooms. They are also handy in case they need to escape from a fire.

5. Books for all students and whiteboards or overhead projectors as needed. Having neither in a math class is ridiculous.

6. Chairs and desks.