Lovelyheart x almost 5 years ago

These are the following needs that need to be addressed:

1. The drinking water looks dirty and tastes bad and it's safeness is questionable.

2. Healthier meals in place of the more expensive unhealthy food that is offered.

3. Working heaters. Imagine being in a room with a heater that doesn't turn off and no windows to open!

4. Windows that open and close help control temperature and allow fresh air in the classrooms. They are also handy in case they need to escape from a fire.

5. Books for all students and whiteboards or overhead projectors as needed. Having neither in a math class is ridiculous.

6. Chairs and desks.

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Nathan x almost 5 years ago

#1 I concur. This is just a result of how old the school is.

#2 I think the meals are healthy enough. Pretty ballanced and there's a good variety.

#3 I have personally experienced this. Again, it's just a result of how old the highschool is. It's usually not that bad as long as it isn't hot out to begin with. Does seem silly to have heaters on in 100 degree weather though.

#5 I've never had issues with missing books or projectors. Almost every class has a projector. It's a little excessive almost.

#6 The chairs and desks might be a little beat up sometimes but they are never so bad as to inhibit class dynamics. This is not a problem imo.