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    We went to the conversation session aMount View Elementary on Feb.26 6-8pm. Thanks for the dinner provided.We were expecting that meeting would reach its goal "Help us create schools where ALL children learn and reach full potential" as it printed the first line on the brochure. However, the only thing we could spoke out it that: What district, schools and staff have done good to our students? since this is the only question being asked us to answer. For sure, they did some good stuff for our students. However, there are still lots of things can be done better. But the meeting did not give us any chance to tell our thoughts , ideas and worries. Maybe the dinner last longer than expected. However, the most importance question should be asked first. We came to the meet to create a better plan helping our students in our district to explore, glow, learn, and achieve. We did NOT want to come to the meet only to applause the limited good things you've done. 

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