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    If we are truly talking game changers, I propose 2 major, low cost changes: First, it's time to put social studies and science back into elementary curriculum! Our 11 and 12 year old 7th graders have no clue there are 7 continents, let alone where they are located on a map. In this global society they need a deeper understanding of our world and the cultures contained in it. Besides, We read fiction and nonfiction differently. 80% of what we read as adults is nonfiction. Therefore,  science and social studies in k-6 is essential so our kids learn how to read for deep understanding and critically think lifes real problems. Secondly, we need to stop teaching for the MSP. Minimal writing in 5th and 6th grade because it's not tested means the 7th grade teachers spend valuable time reviewing the very basics of writing. Lastly, the district should cut the many many tests given each year. MSP, multiple MAP, MBA, etc. This is overkill and wastes valuable teaching time as well as money!

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    There appears to not be an adequate High School History curriculum in place.  Teachers are covering different materials, some better than others.  Students are suffering.  Please support them with an outline of required topics and sufficient text!