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    The district office should be flexible and supportive of staff. For example, when great teachers are asked to teach professional development outside the district, it seems like it would benefit the district to work with them.  Good teachers should be able to take a few days a year to make a positive impact on the profession and enhance the reputation of the district.  When they are just told no, it's frustrating and short-sighted.  Please allow teachers to take opportunities like this and work with them to enhance their practice as well as the practice of others.

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    Highline can do so much with the hard-working employees they have.  Please support and inspire them and by extension, students.  Ensure that the district office is connected and supportive of the programs and people that directly impact students.  Can they spend more time in buildings to see what is needed?  It is so easy to become disconnected.  For example, district staff should investigate whether or not schools have the time, staff, and resources to implement district mandates before implementation.   

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